This was my night when I got home from work. Terry told me ask the boy about “Superandrew” and he threw aside the Batman figure he was playing with, ran off yelling “cape! cape!” and came back a minute later with a white blanket loosely tied around his neck. (I suspect the seven-year-old helped him put it on.) He thrust both fists up in the air and made the “whooshing” noise that means “fly” — it’s the noise my twelve-inch Superman figure makes when it’s supposed to be flying.

Then Terry picked him up and had him fly around the room, and whoa could he not get enough of that action. After Terry gave up, he made me continue to propel him around the room, fists out-thrust, yelling “fly! fly!” Laurel had him rescue Alex the Lion from Tickle Bear, which he gleefully accomplished by throwing himself at the bear. Then more flying. And more flying. With some more flying to finish the evening off.

That’s my boy.

NOTE: Tonight’s strip was an experiment, one I’m going to try again, maybe frequently: I gave myself one hour to get this done, start to finish. Not counting writing this post, this entire piece took me fifty-two minutes.